NEW: 2019 (February)

February 27, 2019

NEW: 2019

Issue 7: Four-Man Invasion (***)

Fantastic Four Headquarters is a site that looks back at the history of the comicbook, so a full look at 2018/2019 will be done more with the benefit of hindsight. However, just for fun, a "first day take" of the year's issues will be added.

Issue 7 of The Fantastic Four is one of the better efforts of the new run, even if characterisation isn't quite consistent. A lot of the dialogue is very "meta", as if the characters realise they're in an illogical comic book world, and the plot - Doom tries to usurp the power of Galactus - is tired.

Doom talking about his "Big Bang Cannons" and Reed tricking Galactus by pretending his fingers are the Ultimate Nullifier are series low points, but this is... reasonable. Yet we're seven issues in (8 if you count the wedding special) and the title has still to let go of the past and truly move forward. New readers would have no idea what the Nullifier is - it's not really explained - and old readers have seen it all before, so, so many times.

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