Reservoir Dogs

September 25, 2015

Reservoir Dogs: Ben's "Cameo"

Reservoir Dogs

Year: 1991

Featured Cast: Tim Roth (Mr. Orange) and Randy Brooks (Holdaway)

Writer/Director: Quentin Tarantino

Company: A Band Apart/Dog Eat Dog Productions

Duration: 95m

Rating: **** 

Availability: Amazon


"Thing. Motherf****r looks just like The Thing."

Tenuous? Maybe, but of all the Fantastic Four references in other media then this is perhaps the most high profile. Pop culture lover Tarantino would later script edit references to The Silver Surfer in Crimson Tide and write a lengthy Superman monologue in Kill Bill, Volume Two, while Christian Slater was a comic book collector in Tarantino's first sold script, True Romance

But with Tarantino's debut, the controversial Reservoir Dogs, not only would he include said Surfer as a poster in Mr. Orange's apartment, but he'd also insert the above exchange as a reference to Joe Cabot's (Lawrence Tierney's) appearance. Following the scene the film then cuts to a shot of an Iron Man toy sitting on a small pot of paint, and a larger Thing doll on the same table. Roth's hand comes crashing in to answer the phone, knocking both to the floor - all of which occurs for just a split-second of screentime and is almost unnoticed by the conscious eye, explaining the blur on said image, below...

Mr. Orange: "You remember The Fantastic Four?" 
Holdaway: "Oh, yeah, with that invisible b****, and er... 'Flame On', and s***, right?"
Mr. Orange: (arms outstretched) "Thing. Motherf****r looks just like The Thing."

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